How to Install a Racquetball Racquet Vibration Dampener

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Vibration Dampener

You just visited this page because you love racquets and racquet sports. You have probably seen or heard that one of your teammates is using a vibration dampener.

So what is a racquetball racquet vibration dampener? Why should a racquet player install one?

All you need to be successful in racquet sports is a racquet of good quality, eye protection, and a pair of sneakers. You might need to add something to the racquet, such as wraps and grips. As you know, a vibration dampener is one of the additional accessories.

Vibration dampeners are not as crucial as any other racquetball equipment, but they boost your racquet game. Now you want to know how to install a racquetball racquet vibration dampener. You will also learn their purposes and how to place them. Keep reading!

What a Racquetball Vibration Dampener Do

A vibration dampener is an elastomer rubber that you can attach to your racquet’s throat. You may find some of them colorful and attractive, making your racquet more visible. However, there is more to it than just decoration.

These dampeners are designed to enhance the vibrations you feel as you hit a ball. The racquet strings vibrate with every hit, producing a shock that transfers some of it to your arm. 

Absorbing shock can cause severe wrist and elbow problems every time you hit a ball, especially for constant players. While some senior players think that the impact is not enough, the dampener significantly reduces the vibration absorbed in your arm.

So, why should you have one? Racquetball racquet vibration dampeners do wonders. If you install one, here are the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Absorbs vibration: A vibration dampener, also known as a silencer, obviously mutes the noises heard from the strings as you hit a ball. It does this by absorbing the shock, reducing vibrations, and lessening your arm’s stress.
  • Improves racquet feel: When the vibration is reduced, it increases control and precision when swinging your racquet.
  • Protects the arm: Arm strain chances during hard hits are minimal with a racket dampener.
  • Minimizes string noise: If string noises are one of the distractions you would like to eliminate, racquet dampeners will help you focus on your game. However, you much check if the strings are properly strung or if they are in good health.

Where Do You Put a Vibration Dampener

There are several dampener types and styles. Some are plastic buttons that you can put on the top of the strings, while others are fabric-thick ribbons that you can tie around the strings.

Be keen on where you place the dampener—it should not interfere with your shots.

In a case where the racquetball ball reaches the lower part of the racquet and hits the dampener, it means the shot wasn’t good.

On occasion, a player may become more sensitive to the vibrations than to how the racquet feels. If the player uses the vibration to determine how to play, then the dampener does not fit the individual.

When placing them, you can place the dampeners out of the string patterns. That means anywhere on the top, bottom, right, or left of the string edges.

You will mostly see the dampeners placed at the bottom of a racquet. Where you are not limited to the number of vibration dampeners, one dampener is enough as it doesn’t necessarily improve how you play.

How to Install a Racquetball Dampener

When you purchase a racquet, the dampeners are usually stretched across the string. This time I want to show you another trick to do it step by step. Note that these steps work with the ribbon dampeners.

  • Get a vibration dampener and a racquet.
  • Place the racquet on a flat surface.
  • Locate two main strings that are closer to each other.
  • Put one end of the ribbon on one of the strings and slide it in.
  • Now get the other side of the ribbon opposite the main strings as it goes through the other side of the racquet. Ensure it forms a circular shape as you bring it back up and push it into the string pattern opposite the first string.
  • In the same state, turn the racquet to the other side and insert the other end of the ribbon in the same method as the first one. 

Now, this method absorbs vibration more than the standard one. 


Why don’t the pros use dampeners?

Dampeners only interfere with the sound but do not improve racquet play. Though both pros and beginners can choose to play without the dampeners, most players find them barely reducing shock. 

What do string dampeners do?

The primary purpose of a string dampener is to absorb vibration. It is mentally important rather than physically for players that don’t like the ‘ping’ sound.

Do racquetball dampeners reduce power?

There is a common misconception that racquetball dampeners reduce power levels. Probably it is one of the marketing gimmicks. Still, there is no clear evidence true to the fantasy. 

Do vibration dampeners prevent tennis elbow?

There is no clear conclusion on vibration dampeners preventing tennis elbows. However, the point is that the dampener makes you comfortable while playing. If it does, you can try installing one. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to install a racquetball vibration dampener, why not use it. However, note that using a vibration dampener is entirely a personal choice. It doesn’t determine how good you are at racquetball sports. So if you want to match your racquet feel, don’t install one.